“Hello” from Lorrie and Sue, and Welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy our “Story”, and how we got here. 

We are sisters who have retired from the workforce but not from life, and we have an appreciation of beautiful things and their value. We do believe in recycling, so being able to offer Vintage and Preloved items fits very well with our philosophies. We love the thought that our Jewellery and Collectables have passed through someone else’s life before landing on our table. We think they are the ultimate recyclables.

In 2009 we decided we needed a holiday fund and hit on the idea of buying and selling online to achieve that. We had no idea what to sell so we started selling on EBay and many items “disappeared” from around our homes. Other sources were Boot sales, Fairs, Markets, Auctions, Garage sales, Neighbours throw-outs, and online stores, and our cupboards bulged with a HUGE variety of stock.

We soon learned via trial and error (many broken plates later) that we should rethink our ideas. This was an expensive lesson, and we found that we needed to consider our lifestyles, time allocation, storage limitations, and the old adage “We couldn’t be all things to all people”.  So, after much discussion, and lots of cups of coffee later, we chose to focus on small items and decided that Jewellery would be a perfect solution. Our focus is generally Vintage items from the 1950’s – 1970’s eras with a sprinkling of new pieces. Currently we also dabble in Cigarette Cards, Perfume Bottles, and Vintage Stamps, and Vintage Metal pins. Our stock will change over time as we realise that we can’t be static, otherwise many interesting and collectable pieces could be missed.

Our stock is sourced from many different countries eg US, UK, Ireland and Australia, to name a few and we are constantly searching for items that meet our criteria, – Must be Beautiful, Of certain Quality, Excellent to Good Condition, and sometimes just for fun a little bit Quirky! As a rule many of our Jewellery or Collectables are not expensive, we don’t believe that you have to spend a lot of money to acquire beautiful items.

We think there should always be;  Some items that bring back memories, Some pieces that start a new memory, Some that make you smile, and some that make you feel wonderful when worn. Or it maybe a piece that you know someone else will appreciate.

Neither of us are professionally trained but over time we have developed a sense of style and an eye for quality. This has helped us select the best and most interesting pieces for this site. We hope that you enjoy browsing and that you find something from our Jewellery or Collectables that will “speak” to you or perhaps to someone you love.

So we Say:

Welcome, Thank You for looking at our Store and Happy Shopping!